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Come Let Us Celebrate Our Similarities And our Differences!


August 12-17 2001


A week of opportunity for 5th and 6th grade boys and girls to experience the diversity from which our country takes strength.




* To provide an opportunity for our youth to reconize, by experience, with a group of their peirs, the radical religous ethnic, cultrual, and economic diversity of our nation.

* To share stories, music, art, dance, etc from the diverse sources (some of their own family heritage)which make for the richness of our national life.

* To learn to deal with challenges of diversity, such as name calling, sterieotyping, or belittling others'culture or beliefs.

* To explore the diversity of the world of nature

* To have fun together, in learning, work and summer play.

Our intention is to include as much diversity as possible within a total group of 28 campers and 8 counselors housed in 4 rustic cabins.

There are no quotas. Some campers might represent more than one group. Applications from campers will be recieved from a wide area. Acceptance will be determined by our efforts to create a widely diverse group on a rolling basis.
Application deadline: July 15, 2001 (If the camp is not full, we will accept applications after this date---Apply early)

This is the fourth year this camp will be held. Campers, counselors and parents enthusiastically report that Camp USA is a rewarding and fun camping adventure.

This years theme is: Native Peoples Here and
Around the World

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There will be all of the normal overnight summer camp activities, such as swimming, volleyball, hiking, crafts, survival training, art and music. Each year campers meet a variety of individuals with whom they explore various areas of diversity through presentatioins, activities, music and more.
Food from diverse cultures will be served. Campers may occasionally help wiht food preparation, definitely clean-up. (But, no food fights!) There is a large, modern dining facility on the grounds.

Campers will be busy, and they will have fun. This is an excellent opportunity for children to explore the world while having an entertaining learning experience.


Where We Are Located


Camp USA is held at Central Oak Heights, located along Rt. 15 south of West Milton, PA.


A non-refundable registration fee upon acceptance assures space reservation. Parents are requested to contribute as they can towards the $275.00 cost per camper. The remainder of the cost is raised by the Donald Heiter Community Center.

Campers arrive on Sunday afternoon August, 12th, and there is a final sharing event for families as they gather on the last day of camp, Friday late afternoon.