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Donald L. Heiter Community Center donaldheiter
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The Center is a true grassroots community effort with ties to other organizations to provide services and support to the community. We provide information and referral about free-time youth activities, recreational opportunities, and community events.

The Community Center works to build capacity among its community members. Those programs, classes, projects and special events reflect our response to community needs.



The purpose of the Community Center is to operate a multipurpose communiy based center in the Lewisburg, PA area that serves all age groups, is locally controlled, frugally managed, and representative of a wide variety of community interests.

We provide a safe place and facilitate recreational and educational activities for all ages.

We bring together citizens from different backgrounds to identify needs and find solutions to improve the community.

We offer youth and adults the opportunity to develop the skills needed to become active community members i.e. self respect, respect for others, a desire to improve the community, and the skills to work effectively together.


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