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Lewisburg Area Mediation Project (LAMP) A project of the Donald L. Heiter Community Center


What is mediation?

Mediation is a process used to help resolve conflicts between individuals and groups. All parties involved in a conflict meet with a mediator, who serves as an impartial go-between to assist the participants in improving communication and reaching a mutual agreement.

oMediation can help resolve conflict between: oFamily members oNeighbors oEmployers and employees oLandlords and tenants oTeachers and students

There is a fee for mediation services but NO persons are refused mediation because they cannot afford service.

What is LAMP?

The Lewisburg Area Mediation Project (LAMP) is an endeavor of the Donald L. Heiter Community Center. LAMP is non-profit, community-based and staffed by committed professionals and volunteers.

What is LAMP's purpose?

The purpose of LAMP is to educate the community about the process of mediation and to provide professionally trained mediators to mediate conflict. The process of mediation can have a powerful influence on building a stronger and more vital community.

What can LAMP do for you?

LAMP offers the following services:

oWorkshops on mediation, conflict management and interpersonal commonications skills; oPrivate and confidential conflict mediation by professionally trained mediators oConsulting services to develop mediation policies for businesses and other organizations

How do I contact LAMP?

A phone call is all it takes...

(570) 524-5000

A LAMP mediator will return your call and talk with you about your problem and explore options. All contacts are striclty confidentail.

Please contact LAMP to learn how mediation can assist you in managing conflicts in the home, neighborhood, business, organization or school.

LAMP seeks volunteers interested in becoming a part of the organization for the benefit of our community.

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